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  • He is a an elite lawyer and better human being.
    Bill was my first choice to defend me in a felony drug case. I hired another attorney for financial reasons and it was a huge mistake. I fired my attorney and hired Bill. Bill earned every single penny that i paid him. He was always available if i had a question. I feel he was always very honest and straight up with me. He is a an elite lawyer and better human being. Thank you Bill!

    - Toby

  • I will forever save his number to my phone and tell anyone to use him.
    Hired Bill to represent a loved one who was an existing client. This process was all new to me and very scary. Bill was patient, reliable, and explained next steps to me. Bill kept me looped in the entire way and gave me hope yet very real expectations. Bill exceeded on his end now it is up to my love one to do the work on their end. Even though I hope to never have to meet Bill under these circumstances again I will forever save his number to my phone and tell anyone to use him that is in need of a criminal defense attorney. Thanks Bill!

    - Lisa

  • I’m very glad that I hired him and would again, if need be.
    Mr Stovall was able to drop my 2 felony cases down to 1 misdemeanor. Easily accessible and kept me up to date throughout the whole process. I’m very glad that I hired him and would again, if need be.

    - Robert

  • You will not be disappointed in Bill!
    This summer I was arrested for an Assault Family Violence in Kaufman County. I have never been in trouble before, so I immediately called Mr. Stovall regarding my arrest and he worked with my family on getting my bond posted with a local bail bond company. Mr. Stovall was quick and efficient on my release. When meeting with him and discussing at length this matter, I knew I was in AMAZING hands with him and his staff throughout the entire process. After his hard work, drive and negotiations with the DA's office, my case was dismissed! I am forever grateful for Bill. You will not be disappointed in Bill!

    - Former Client

  • Humble
    Being humble is having or showing a modest or low estimate of one's own importance and the bill could truly represent this defined word. He placed his opinions aside and aimed for the goals that we requested. He fought hard and long and while obstacles faced him he overcame them with such confidence and delivered us the results we had requested. He is in all definitions is the true meaning of humble and a great representation of a lawyer that can ever be hoped for. This man deserves his kudos and thanks for assisting my sister. The best choice in a lawyer if I do say so myself and if I ever need assistance again his name will be the first I call.

    - Denneb

  • Always available!

    Bill was always available when I had questions or concerns. He made me feel very comfortable in my situation. Great to work with!

    - AC

  • Highly Recommend Using Him

    He was highly recommended by a friend of mine and now I highly recommend him. He made my case a quick and smooth process.

    - Yvette

  • Lawyer That Had Your Back

    Bill was a regular of mine and we started talking about my case. He saw the hoops and bs my lawyer was sending me through. Took over the case and got it reduced to a misdemeanor. I Will always recommend Bill to anyone in legal needs

    - Bryan

  • The BEST!
    I found Bill through another attorney and so glad I did! I feel he always had my best interests in mind for the entirety of my case. Legal issues can be tough, but with Bill in your corner, you can rest assured he'll give it 100%. Highly recommend!

    - Brandi

  • Straight Up!

    Wish I’d have used it previously! Knew about him through a friend! But glad I did this time. Pricey but I learned that when it comes to my freedom you hire the best! I’ve recommended him to 2 of my employees and we are all glad we did. He’s a cool attorney but very straight up. He actually cares and I’ve hired many attorneys over my lifetime and Bill cares! My outcome was better than we thought it was going to be. He understands the person in front of him and pushes to get him/her the best Results.

    - Edward

  • Thanks Bill!

    My daughter needed a good attorney for a civil suit in which she was injured after her original attorney (she thought she had retained) retired without referring her to anyone and without letting her know! By this time, the Statute of Limitations was nearing the end, and were nervous that nothing could be done. Long story short My husband called Mr. Stovall and he took the case. Bill and his legal team Promptly resolved the matter with both parties in the agreement. A settlement was reached in a timely manner and now our daughter can go on with her life. Thank you, Bill Stovall and the Legal Team for all of your help!

    - Stacy

  • Do Yourself a Favor!

    Alright here we go! Years ago I was charged with a crime, of course, I did not commit and I called on that criminal defense attorney that everybody said was the cat's meow, I was getting the "that guy's your lawyer, dude you've already won" well let's just say it was all mangled up, a cluster !@#$ if you will! Well I ran into Billy and I explained to my situation and people when I tell you he did not miss a beat, he jumped on my case and he pulled me out of a horrible situation that I truly believe not a single attorney in the city could have saved me from! Years go by and I catch another case I'm told by someone in the legal community that I gotta hire this attorney that is exceptionally well to make a long story short I kick myself in the ass, have to fire him and Mr. Stovall has to come and save my ass again! So guys take it from me when I say Sal's pizza has the best pizza in the city (plug my shop in real quick) and Mr. Billy Stovall is the definition of the finest criminal defense attorney I've ever met, I'm not kidding! Be well.

    - Kenny

  • Second Chance and Open Doors Because of Billy Stovall

    I hired Mr.Stovall for my criminal case to be expunged! I now have a new life! He was fast, efficient, and very informative. He answered all my questions and left me feeling positive. He did everything he said he would! He is the absolute best attorney I have ever hired!

    - Tiffaney

  • If You Want the Best Possible Representation, Billy Stovall Is the Man You Want to Defend You.
    I was lucky enough to have Mr. Stovall highly recommended to me by many family friends. He has literally kept several people I grew up without from jail. Mr. Stovall knows the law inside and out. Having found me with a felony agg assault I was looking at two years in prison. 13 months later, we went to trial. Due to his expertise, I walked out of the courtroom a free man with a NOT GUILTY. He is not one of the snake oil salesmen. He is the real deal and will fight to get you the best option possible. With Billy Jack Stovall on your side, you can feel safe, confident, and protected while dealing with a scary and horrible situation. Thank you again, Bill.

    - Nikki

  • Free at Last
    My bail bond company, who knew i was being screwed by the probation system of Dallas Co recommended Bill to me 5 years ago. I was half way through a 10 year deferred adjudicated case. He saved my ass and got me reinstated on probation. Now that the end of my probated sentence has come, they tried it again with some stupid BS trying to get me revoked. Thanks to Bill, I am a free man. Hire him, do what he says without question, and you will be fine. He knows the system and what works. He doesn't play games. He gets results. I hope I never have to use him again, but his number is on both my phone and my spouse's. I cant name the overpriced lawyer that stole 10k from me at the beginning of my ordeal, but if I had only known bill back then, I wouldn't have had to wait so long for my freedom.

    - Darin

  • Freedom Is Yours With Mr. Stovall
    I had a DUI case and Mr. Stovall took care of everything perfectly! If you are completely honest, he will help you in any way he can. He is very knowledgeable and covers all bases.
    There was even an issue with my probation transfer leading to more charges and jail time but thanks to Bill J Stovall, everything was cleared up and I am completely free!
    In addition to being a fantastic attorney, he is a great man. I wouldn't choose another.

    - Krista

  • Best Attorney I've Ever Hired!!!

    First off, Bill is not only amazing but he kept his word and promises. He got my case dismissed as promised! He looks out for your best interest and follows through. Unheard of nowadays! My DWI vanished thanks to him! Highly recommended!

    - Karan

  • He Immediately takes action.

    I would highly recommend to my lawyer bill Stovall...
    I was in a criminal problem, and I call Stovall, he Immediately takes action.
    He was presented in each court.
    He is very responsible at work.
    He was able to take off charges.
    Thanks, bill. God bless you.
    He also speaks in Spanish.
    Conoce la situacion de nosotros.

    - Ceasar

  • The Best I've Ever Had!!

    The best attorney I've ever had!! He was very involved in my case and appeared at all my scheduled court dates. Provided me with accurate information each time he visited me, and got me out of jail very fast!! Thanks, Bill May God Bless You! !!

    - Brid

  • Hire This Man for Your Legal Needs!
    After being horribly represented by a previous lawyer for a DWI case I had made the decision to switch to Mr. Stovall. I had found him through a family member and put him on the case. Immediately made a huge difference. He was able to get a lesser charge in a few days for me than my previous lawyer who had been "working" on the case for months. He is hardworking and is well known in the courtroom. He also responds to emails and calls very fast. I highly recommend this man for your legal needs.

    - Jason